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Click the “Background” layer’s eye icon in the Layers panel to make the background transparent.

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As with a text-based logo, consider adding a background or border. Again, a background can help frame and draw attention to your logo, but a transparent.

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body { max-width: 100% !important; background: #ffffff !important; } /* Background gradient */ article { background-image: linear-gradient(180deg, #ebfbff 0%, #d5d2ff.

With Photoshop’s Layer Styles, you can apply a mesh effect to an image without.

1. Create a new document measuring 5 pixels square and set the background color to transparent.

How to Get Rid of Everything Outside of Canvas on Illustrator – The crop tool functions in a very similar fashion, requiring you to make a transparent vector.

"How to Get Rid of Everything Outside of Canvas on Illustrator." Small Business –

Adobe Illustrator CC - How to Make the Image Background TransparentHow to Cut Out an Object in Photoshop – Once you have separated an object from its background, you can then add it to new images or layouts to create eye-catching.

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GIMP pastes the circular selection as a new image, which you can now edit with other GIMP tools or save as a circular selection. To retain the transparent background.

to Crop a Circle Out.

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For instance, RGBa color values allow you to set a color as transparent. If you wanted a white background.

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