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As COVID-19 has shuttered businesses across the state to combat the spread of the virus, many Washington residents have lost.

The decade long job boom came crashing to a halt this week when a record 3.283 million Americans applied for unemployment.

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Earlier this year, employees at Massachusetts job centers were working with schools on training programs and helping.

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Wisconsin’s Department of Workforce Development about 19,000 more people have filed for unemployment this week as businesses.

The system is already under severe strain and it won’t help if it is hit with a new wave. “We are right now asking anyone.

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How to Convert Numbers to Excel3.28 Million Americans File for Unemployment Benefits. That’s 10 Times as Many as Last Week. – Futures on the S&P 500 were down 1% a half hour before the open of the regular session.

“While the record number of claims.

“Now for three days, I’ve been calling this number with the same recording every time,” said Mary Mott, a bartender. She worked full time at the Watering Hole in Palacios. “A cute little neighborhood.