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When you reach the top, walk forward and open the sealed door to pick up your first seed — the red Will Seed of Greed. Okumura’s Palace’s blue Will Seed of Greed is in the Transfer Line area.

Floating Empire – Press the red switch and return two maps south to where the red pillar was. Go east and head one room south to find a blue switch. Press the blue switch and then head back to the area where the.

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To find Kaneshiro’s Palace’s red Will Seed of Gluttony.

Kaneshiro’s Palace’s blue Will Seed of Gluttony is easy to miss if you aren’t looking for it. Toward the end of the giant.

When War locks on to the Blue Crystal high up on the wall to the.

which is a series of glowing red cylinders in the middle of the platform. Slag Fleas will spawn throughout this fight.

As you work your way through the area, you’ll find three pairs of colored doorways – red, green and blue. Each of these.

As a full-on walkthrough is a no-no we’ve put together some.

Open the door to pick up your red Will Seed of Sorrow. Maruki’s Palace’s blue Will Seed of Sorrow is in the Twilight Corridor, on the final light puzzle floor. Instead of going up the giant.

Chapter 5: True Colors – Take the path to the northwest this time to reach the blue maid costume.

Like before, start with the Red Shamans since they’re easier to kill. If you have access to good AoE attacks, don.

Sae Niijima’s Palace’s red Will Seed of Jealousy is in the Staff.

Sae Niijima’s Palace’s blue Will Seed of Jealousy is in the High Limit Lobby, after you’ve already left the dungeon.